Dalmata Mentés

Dalmatian girls in our care

Saci (called Pötyi now) sent us some photos. After ther sterilization surgery she was singing happily in the car on the way home. Her stitches are healing a little slower, because Miss Pötyi is full of energy and she doesn’t seem to take notice of the importance of recovery.

We took Leila to the vet and the control showed that everything is fine with her. Her breasts drew back. Though she looked like as if she were carrying all the weight of the world, according to her fostermum it is only due to the compulsory vet-visit program.

Winnie joined the vet-visit. Hair on her ears has started to wear off and we noticed signs of some kind of skin problem on her sides. She got a skin scraping and now we are waiting for the test results.