Dalmata Mentés

Pötyi settled in her new family very well

Pötyi’s story is a good example that age doesn’ matter. Life with an older dog can be wonderful and they do deserve to live in a sweet home surrounded by love. If you’d rather avoid sharing your life with a puppy, and giving space to such things as chewing, excitability and the lack of house-training and ability to walk on leash, than we encourage you to choose from our older adoptable dogs. These dogs are usually familiar with living together with people, may it be a flat or a family house and they are ready to learn and adapt to their new circumstances. Their heart is full of love and they can fill our life with thousands of happy experiences.
Pötyi, the elderly Dalmatian lady has been adopted recently. At that time she was already over the young years, but the new family discovered a loveable dog in her. Here’s what they wrote about Pötyi:

“I would like to share the news with you about Pötyi. She feels great, her condition is fine and she’s getting back in shape as I slowly decrease the daily portion of food. By now she got used to it and the evening rush to hunt for food has already disappeared. Though her motto could be “Hope never dies” based on my observations. 🙂 Thanks to the diet, we can take longer walks and she enjoys running, though carefully to avoid her legs to limp.

She stopped coming closer to us, when we eat. The water spray flacon of our parrot proved to be a good solution. I had to spray her a few times in the beginning, now it’s enough for her to see the flacon and she withdraws.
She loves going for walks, having fun and she also likes it when I brush her short fur. Our relationship is getting better day-by-day, every morning she greets us with joy and her tail is wagging happily anytime I come home.
She also likes roaming and sniffing around in the garden and she takes an active part in guarding our house.
We have never ever regretted adopting Pötyi. Our cats made friends with her, too. All I can say that she is a good-natured, joyful and obedient spotted lady. 🙂

At the moment, I’m thinking of talk my brother-in-law out of taking Muki, our Dachshund-mix away, because these two fellows have become great friends and separating them would be a shame. “