Dalmata Mentés

Pötyi, Nagybánhegyes

Pötyi (Spot) a 7 year-old Dalmatian guy is looking for a new home. He is used to living in the garden but now his owners are moving to a flat. They hope that Pötyi will soon find a nice family  who can provide him the same lifestyle. This cute guy is friendly with people and cats but he would rather avoid being around male dogs. He is vaccinated and he also received anti-worm treatment.
Pötyi would like to move to a house where he could spend his days in the garden as he did before but he would be allowed to enter the house to be close to his new family. He is thankful for every word and he loves being carressed.
For more information, please write to: dalmatamentes@gmail.com (POTYI_N)

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