Dalmata Mentés

Dalton, Budaörs | Dalton | Dalton

Dalton is a 2 year-old Dalmatian. This cute boy does know what it means to share his heart with people. He loves to be around people so the ideal owner for him would be someone who could spend a lot of time with him. In case he has to stay home alone he behaves well, he won’t make any mess and he won’t bark unless it’s necessary.

He is a good friend of cats and he even shares his food with his little fluffy fellows. He would like to be a part of a family as a single dog because he doesn’t get on well with other dogs. Taking him to a dog training school would be essential for his socialization.

Dalton lives at the Budaörs animal shelter. He can be adopted after he was neutered.

If you are interested in Dalton, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu (Dalton)

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