Dalmata Mentés

Szellő needs a fosterhome or a forever home

Szellő (Breeze), the 4-5-year-old Dalmatian boy lives in the dogpound of Kiskunfélegyháza since mid-January.
All the cages are filled there, so the poor guy spends his days chained to a wooden doghouse. We would really like to save him from these circumstances.
Pöttyös is a very friendly, docile and calm dog, who longs for love and human company more than anything. He’s happy whenever someone approaches him, waits for the caresses patiently and he’s glad for the smallest attention.
We recommend him for families with a family house or a flat. Though he may need to learn what house-training means, but this shouldn’t be a problem because he’s a smart boy.
We have no information about his behavior towards other dogs yet, so we would like to find him a place, where he could begin his new life as a single dog.
We are waiting for enthusiast foster families, who would show Pöttyös the bright side of life, train him and give him lots of love.
Our organization covers all the costs of his care (food, veterinary costs, etc.) and we give our help in transport, too.
If you’d like to help Pöttyös (and may live in Pest County), please apply at info@dalmatamentes.hu or call +3630-345-7051
Thank you!

Photos of Pöttyös: