Dalmata Mentés


10.05.2014. – Zira is adopted. 🙂 News and photos coming soon…


17.03.2014. – Zira moved on trial adoption to her new home.


20.02.2014. –  Zira – Dalmatian lady – 2,5 months

Zira is the smallest lady among Szejke’s puppies with a calm and loving character. She is patient and waits for her turn, nevertheless she has special ability to draw our attention if her siblings try to push her aside. She runs playfully after toys and basically every moving thing, may it be a tennis ball or leaves falling from the trees.
She listens to us enthusiatically and tries to do what we ask from her. Her moderate nature is suitable for most of the families in general, but her future owners shall be aware of the fact that
she has lots of energy and she will demand physical exersize and mental stimulation just like all Dalmatian puppies do.
House-training goes better every day.
Recommended for people/families with a flat or a family house where the dog is allowed to go and sleep inside any time.

Zira is vaccinated (two combined), dewormed, microchipped and healthy. She will receive the Rabies vaccination after spaying. The surgery is planned from mid-March so that he can begin the recovery in his new home. Adoption is possible only after a successful trial adoption.

Zira is looking for a home in our care. She can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ZIRA)
+36303457051 ; +36203324632