Dalmata Mentés


13.09.2014. – Update to Zápor

Zápor, once the smallest and weakest orphan from the puppy mill, has grown a lot during the summer. Much to his owners’ delight, the ‘teenage period’ is slowly disappearing, taking all the the general hardships away and now they can enjoy the pleasant everydays.
Zápor has all the good things a dog could ever dream of: a loving home, delicious treats, a little learning and the everyday walks and play sessions with his canine friends.
We are glad to see him so happy, he’s obviously a smart and balanced Dalmatian boy, stated also by his family. 🙂

“Zápor has a lovely character, he’s the perfect dog for any activities. He is kind to children and he loves being around dogs. Even if some of them approaches him growling, he waits patiently and curiously. He would play with every dog we meet, though the smaller ones tend to slow down when they realize his size. He’s grown a lot but we assume he’ll be bigger as he’s only 9 months old now. Dog owners like him, too, because he plays gently with dogs. 
To us, he seems to be very happy here. His appetite is fine, we play a lot with each other and in the evenings he can’t wait to go for our long walk, where he can have fun with his pals for hours. 
Our life has changed for the better since we adopted Zápor and I can’t express, how grateful we are to have him in our home. 
Zápor makes our days happy and we couldn’t imagine our life without him. Thank you, dear Dalmatian Rescue! “


28.05.2014. – New photos of Zápor


26.04.2014. – We met Zápor’s candidates at the Adoption Day organized in the Népliget by several animal rescue organizations. The handsome Dalmatian boy was very happy to see the family again. They took him home and so the trial adoption has begun. 🙂


15.04.2014. – Zápor has promising candidates. He will soon move on trial adoption.


20.02.2014. –  Zápor – Dalmatian boy, 2,5 months

Zápor (Stormy) is the smallest boy among Szejke’s puppies. He’s even smaller than his sisters and his moves are a little bit clumsy, but this doesn’t mean that his character is far from active and spirited. He follows his siblings bravely and he tries to catch our attention in every situation showing that he is there, indeed.
Zápor is a kind and loving puppy, his physical condition is getting better every day. He learns fast and he sits down happily before getting a treat. He has a calm character and a wonderful ability to adapt to new situations, he always tries to meet given expectations.
House-training goes better every day.
Recommended for people/families with a flat or a family house where the dog is allowed to go and sleep inside any time.

Zápor is vaccinated (two combined), dewormed, microchipped and healthy. He will received the Rabies vaccination after neutering. The surgery is planned from mid-March so that he can begin the recovery in his new home. Adoption is possible only after a successful trial adoption.

Zápor is looking for a home in our care. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ZAPOR)
+36303457051 ; +36203324632