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07.01.2015. – Zazi news

We visited Zazi in his new home before Christmas. The young Dalmatian male is much loved by his new family, he got used to his new environment during the period of trial adoption very well. Unfortunately, he had to change homes a few times till he finally found the one that is truly forever but thanks to the tender care of his family and friends, all the uncertainties originating in his puppyhood have disappeared by now.
He lives in a family house, where he can roam in the garden whenever he wants to but despite this, his family takes him for a long walk every morning, then around midday one of them hurries home to let Zazi out again and in the afternoons he happily accompanies their daughter when she goes jogging. They live close to the Danube river, which offers excellent outdoor activities for the spotted boy and his whole family. He behaves very well during the time he’s left alone (only a few hours daily), though some required reading books have already fallen prey to his eagerness to develop his reading skills. It happens, right?
Zazi have already visited their workplaces a few times. No wonder that his intelligence and natural calmness impressed everyone there.
The family’s cat have accepted Zazi’s presence and step-by-step the two have become good friends. They eat together, taste each other’s food and after dinner they watch TV with the family or simply fall asleep on the couch side-by-side. Zazi enjoys fetching toys and they have plans visiting a dog training course in the spring, because learning tricks together is fun. 🙂


20.02.2014. – Zazi is looking for a forever home!

Zazi is a little reserved any shy puppy. He loves cuddling and longs for love maybe more than his siblings. In our arms, he would give us hundreds of kisses happily. He waits patiently for his turn, never behaves pushy compared to the other puppies. All his moves radiate tranquillity. However, he is also an active and playful little boy, ready for a little wrestling with his brothers. He is smaller than Zack but the size of his paws tell us that he’s going to be a bigger male with a beautiful look.
House-training goes better every day.
Recommended for people/families with a flat or a family house where the dog is allowed to go and sleep inside any time.

Zazi is vaccinated (two combined), dewormed, microchipped and healthy. He will receive the Rabies vaccination after neutering. The surgery is planned from mid-March so that he can begin the recovery in his new home. Adoption is possible only after a successful trial adoption.

Zazi is looking for a home in our care. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ZAZI)
+36303457051 ; +36203324632

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