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10.06.2014. – Zack is adopted. 🙂 News and photos coming soon…


21.04.2014. – Zack is on trial adoption

“Happy Easter, dear Dalmatian Rescue Team!
Our days go by in a wonderful mood, we’ve been to puppy school twice and we practice a little obedience at home, as well. Zack learnt sit and down though he always ask for some treats in return. The armchair and the bed are still his favourites places in the house. He has grown a lot! You can see it in this picture. :))




Zack – Dalmatian boy, 2.5 months – Needs a home!

Zack is the largest boy among Szejke’s puppies. He’s a strong-minded and spirited little guy who learns fast and easily. He has a lovely character and he’s curious to see everything that surrounds him. He likes meeting people and dogs and he does it with great enthusiasm. He loves playing just like puppies do. He pays attention to Stepmom Kira, loves being around her, watches all her moves and behavior. Kira guides him with patience and we often see them play with each other.
Zack is going to be a bigger male, according to our estimations. He enjoys cuddling and he would like to spend as much time as possible with his future people/family during the days – just to get some more caresses on the top of his cute head.
House-training goes better every day.
Recommended for people/families with a flat or a family house where the dog is allowed to go and sleep inside any time.

Zack is vaccinated (two combined), dewormed, microchipped and healthy. He will received the Rabies vaccination after neutering. The surgery is planned from mid-March so that he can begin the recovery in his new home. Adoption is possible after the period of trial adoption if everything went well.

Zack is looking for a home in our care. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.

Contac: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ZACK)
+36303457051 ; +36203324632