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30.12.2014. – Szonja is officially adopted! 🙂

After almost a year of waiting, Szonja has finally found her forever home. We decided to give her more time to adapt to her new environment and prolonged the period of trial adoption to two months, because she was still fearful and distrustful to strangers. However, things turned out far better than expected and our dreams have come true way easier than we could have ever imagined. Thanks to the endless patience of her new owners, Szonja soon realized that she was safe with them and that they wanted only the best for her. She accepted their kind guidance and showed more and more of her friendly and sweet character. The spotted lady enjoys lolling on the couch with Mom (she even has her own couch), which she occupied ostentatiously when we visited her. She greeted us happily at the gate, then rushed right to her place as if telling us: ‘Hey, I’m home! Don’t you dare take me away from here.’ smile emoticon
We decided to take a walk together. At first, she refused to hop in our car, which she knew very well from the previous travels, glanced at Mom whether she should take a ride with us or not. When Mom took her seat, Szonja calmed down and later on she played happily with the other dogs in the park. As they go for walks 3 times every day, the shy girl has found many-many friends during the past months and of course, everyone loves her. She enjoys playing in the garden, as well, though finds more comfort inside the house in the cold weather. Her owners feed her premium dog chow, she’s in great shape. Obviously, she feels wonderful in her new home and sometimes she even dares to climb on Mom’s bed to join her in her sleep. We signed the adoption contract with a huge smile on our faces and we plan to meet up for a nice walk in the spring. 🙂


04.12.2014. –  Szonja is on trial adoption 🙂

Szonja, the three-year-old Dalmatian lady was the last in our care from the Kaba rescue that happened almost a year ago. This exceptional beauty probably recieved most of the beating, kicking among the Dalmatians who lived in the puppy mill. Her behaviour and habits proved that she was the one trying to defend the others and her puppies, the ones she was held to “mass produce” in the piggery. She was terribly mistrustful from the beginning, despite their starvation her trust could not be gained even with the most delicious treats. She didn’t let us touch her let alone approach her. She protected herself vigorously. She’d lived the first years of her life in stress and fear in that place so her behaviour was absolutely understandable. We decided to separate her from the others from the very first minute, in order to work with her in a calm environment. So she soon moved to a dog pension into the hands of an expert trainer where her rehabilitation could begin, so she could once be rehomed.
We are past 11 months of work during which Szonja learned to play, go on a walk, cheer like a real Dalmatian because she did not even know how to do all these. She ran away not only from people but from toys, balls, etc. We were there when she made her first fumbling-tumbling attempts to be at ease, we watched her learn the basic commands and perform some tricks with her caregiver who walked her daily, paid attention to her and helped us to take the dog to the vet when needed and on weekends she regularly took Szonja on a hike with her own dogs, teaching this previously unlucky Dalmatian lady the bright side of life. We are infinitely grateful for her work.
Szonja is more relaxed now but there is still a huge amount of insecurity, mistrust and fear in her so we’ve known that finding the right owner for her wouldn’t be an easy task. She is still very shy with strangers, she is prone to freeze or panic in new situations that are frightening for her and this has to be dealt with accordingly. There were applicants but let’s face it: there are easier cases than a timid and unpredictable dog. So we waited for the right person who wanted Szonja even with all the difficulties that awaited. Almost a year passed when Szonja finally had her chance, we recieved a call, a glint of hope: experienced Dalmatian owners who previously owned an abused, shy dog and they wanted Szonja specifically. We arranged some meetings knowing that more meetings will be necessary in her case. The dog’s reaction was great even in the beginning and vice versa there was understanding and patience. After multiple meetings the determination and the infinite patience needed for gaining such a shy dog’s trust was still the same. The family visit also went well so a little bit less than a month ago Szonja finally moved to her new home. We have to admit that we were extremely worried. When will they call they have a problem? When do we need to go for the panicking dog no one can touch (which unfortunately happened before when we wanted to move her to a fosterhome)?
The calls and the text messages arrived each day but only with positive news. Szonja has been living with her candidates for more than 3 weeks now and they already managed to overcome numerous major obstacles. She let them put her on leash the first days (alright, we helped on the very first occasion), they go on long walks, made some new pet-friends who play together in the huge garden. Today Szonja was watching TV with her new family, they pet her, surround her with love and try to give her everything a Dalmatian, especially Szonja deserves!
With a smile on our faces we are now happily waiting for Szonja’s news, keeping our fingers crossed that everything will continue to go fine so that we can sign the adoption contract this year which would mean a happy life in a forever family for Szonja! 

More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Szonja/


11.06.2014. – Szonja would love to find a family 

10443442_711024175625454_1527549076879931077_nSzonja, the young and healthy Dalmatian lady was rescued from a puppy mill six months ago. Her owner treated her in a horrible way, she and the other dogs lived without normal food or any kind of comfort. Considering her sad past, we wanted to find her a suitable fosterhome asap, where her fears would be handled with professional care.
Szonja lives in a dog pension, where her days are filled with fun and positive experiences. She knows what is means to be loved and to be cared for in a kind way. She’s not the only dog in her fosterhome but fostermum gives them lots of love and attention. They often go on excursions and Szonja behaves obedient in new environments, as well. Her recall is perfect, she sticks to her mum and follows her happily.
She has learnt that meeting new dogs can actually be fun, greets them like friends and enjoys playing with them during the everyday walks. Szonja has come a long way and we truly hope that she her big day of finding a forever home will soon be here.

Szonja’s fostermum says the following about the spotted lady:

‘Szonja is a beautiful and smart Dalmatian lady. Her only ‘mistake’ is that she spent the first two years of her life in a puppy mill, where she was used to produce as many puppies as possible. Hunger and maltreatment where part of the “everyday care”, which she probably got more than her companions for she tried to defend the others. When she arrived to me, she was terribly frightened and acted aggressive but as days went by she learnt to trust me. She made friend with my dogs and slowly she began to accept the presence of people around. Though she still needs time to open to people and one shall court her before giving her a caress. Szonja’s trust is a real treasure and winning it requires devotion and patience. Over the past months, she’s become a happy girl but she is still waiting for the “one” who will love her dearly.’


28.04.2014. – Szonja is looking for a forever home!

Szonja was born in 2012, she’s only 2 years old but has already suffered a lot in her previous home.
She was kept in a pigpen with her two sisters all her life. The food they received was hardly enough to stay alive… They were beaten often and thus lived through the days feeling terribly threatened knowing that whatever comes next simply can’t be any good. These poor souls were used to produce as many puppies as possible and earn money to their owners with it.
The continuous maltreatment and deep fear made her attack at people who approached her in the beginning.  Fortunately, this is the past. Thanks to the tender care of the fosterhome these bad memories slowly faded away.  Szonja has gone through an amazing change since she arrived into our care in December 2013.
She’s a friendly an active Dalmatian lady who loves going for long walks and enjoys the freedom of this new way of life.
Slowly she opened to people but she still approaches strangers carefully. She needs a little time to build up trust to new people but then she would do anything to stay by the side of those she loves.
She likes being around other dogs, loves playing and having fun with them. Gets along well with both males and females, so she could be a great choice if you are looking for a four-legged friend for your dog at home.
Szonja is house-trained and she likes being around the ones she loves. However, she tends to act like
a puppy, she examines everything inside the flat/house and as she is reliving her lost puppy days now, she might  chew a few things she finds interesting.

Szonja would like to move to a flat or a family house but only if she’s allowed to go and sleep inside, because she has a short fur and spending a longer time outside in a cool or cold weather could easily cause urinary problems for her.
Not recommended for families with children or cats.

Szonja is vaccinated (Rabies, combined), microchipped, dewormed, spayed and healthy.
She is looking for a forever home in our care.
She can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings and a trial adoption period.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZONJA) or +3630-3457051

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Szonja/