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11.06.2014. – New photos from Rege 🙂

Rege is doing great in his fosterhome. He gained a few pounds and he’s become quite a handsome gentleman. He responds to his name and his recall is getting better on the walks taken in the nearby meadows. Not surprisingly, he loves his tummy and he’s pretty greedy, which probably derives from his past. However, he’s eager to learn and can be easily motivated by treats. His size is more similar to that of a female Dalmatian. He gets along well with the dogs in his fosterhome, sometimes he even plays with them. The only thing missing is a family who would love him dearly and take care of him forever.


23.05.2014. – Rege, the 3-year-old Dalmatian boy is looking for a forever home

Rege was taken to the dogpound of Füzesgyarmat at the end of March. A volunteer took him home after the 2-week quarantine period and asked our help. Rege was in a horrible state, he was mere skin and bone and his eyes radiated only sadness.
We managed to take him over and so he moved to a a fosterhome in the beginning of May. Over the past few weeks, he regained his strength and we got to see his happy-go-lucky side. Though he must have suffered a lot from being neglected probably since his puppyhood, he behaves friendly with the people and dogs around. Being allowed inside the house seems to be a completely new experience to him, just like participating in the family’s daily activities.

Rege is a kind and gentle dog, loves cuddling and would do anything for a little caress. He tries his best to meet the requirements in his temporary home, he behaves calm in the house and he is completely house-broken. He would love to be the apple of the eye of a loving family, so we recommend him as a single pet.
There are other dogs in his fosterhome, males and females alike and he gets along well with all of them. He tends to act
a little distrustful when meeting new dogs but after a few minutes he feels fine in their company.
We don’t recommend him for families with cats or other small pets.
Rege would like to move to a flat or a family house, where he’s allowed to go and sleep inside anytime.

Rege is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, neutered, healthy dog.
He is looking for a forever home in our care. He can be adopted with an adoption contract, signed after previous meetings.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (REGE) or +3630-345-7051 , +3620-332-4632

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Rege/

04.05.2014. – Rege arrived into our care.

We rescued Rege, the Dalmatian boy from the dogpound of Füzesgyarmat. We placed him in a suitable fosterhome, where his family has already begun his rehabilitation. We will get a more detailed picture of his character in the upcoming weeks. Rege will welcome visitors later on.