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23.09.2014. – Greetings from Sissy 

Princess Sissy arrived into our care in January 2013. When her elderly owner was taken to the hospital due to a serious disease, the elderly Dalmatian lady landed in the local shelter. We tried to find her a fosterhome desperately and fortunately, a nice family applied within a few days. Sissy’s new life began and as days passed, they got to know her lovely character. Spring and summer went by and by autumn the family decided to adopt her. They fell in love with Sissy and wanted to provide her many more happy years.
As it turned out, the ‘Pandabear’ is already 14 years old! Despite her age, she’s in a great shape and her mood is just perfect. No household activities could ever happen without her presence and this summer she stricly supervised the renovation works in the garden.
In the evenings she climbs up onto her comfy bed and she generously gives the orders to Mom to put a soft blanket on her. This habit brings sweet spotted dreams to Her Majesty. 

“Sissy is doing fantastic! She’s full of energy and really enjoys going for walks. That’s when the hunter comes out of her… well, she’s always searching for food… 
She has a strong character and she’s quite jealous. When it’s bedtime, we have to cover her with a warm blanket. She has lots of blankets matching the four seasons. Sometimes she needs to be allowed outside during the night and I have to give her company because she’s afraid of the dark.
Our spotted princess is a grumpy old lady but we love her dearly. If we are running late with her dinner, she gets quite angry and all we hear is the loud clattering of dog bowls… 🙂 “

Click here for more photos of Sissy:http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Sissy/


13.10.2013. – Sissy calls fosterhome a sweet forever home! 🙂

Sissy, the elderly Dalmatian lady was taken to the shelter of Miskolc in January because her elderly owner was no longer able to take good care of her. Thanks to a volunteer we had a chance to rescue Sissy but no matter how hard we tried to find her a forever home, she just kept on waiting for someone to fell in love with.As it turned out later this was the best thing that could have happened to the Dally lady. In the course of the past months an incredibly strong bond formed between Sissy and her fostermum. It wasn’t easy in the beginning for she acted mostly like a demanding and wilful princess but her beautiful eyes filled with hope and grace swept the family off their feet.

As you all know people prefer younger dogs and Sissy had only a few interestees but none that would match her needs. Luckily, her caretaker did fell in love with Sissy’s capricious nature and she promised to give her the best for her remaining years. Despite her age she is in a wonderful shape and still enjoys sniffing around in the garden and going for long walks when the weather is fine.

We signed the adoption contract but we keep on supporting them as Sissy is not the only rescue dog in the family, even though she has a special part in their heart. Hopefully we won’t have to go with it but if Sissy required any veterinary care we will be pleased to have your support, as well.



22.03.2013. – Sissy photos


20.02.2013. – Sissy asks: where are my dream people?

Spring is slowly approaching and Princess Sissy enjoys roaming and sniffing in the garden more than ever. Her fostermum takes care for several dogs at the same time. Though they love Sissy very much, they can spend less time with her than a loving family would, where Sissy would be the only dog in her forever home.
Sissy is waiting for your emails at info@dalmatamentes.hu (SISSY) but you can also call +36303457051.

Where are you, my dream family?



06.02.2013. – Sissy keeps on waiting for the One

Would you like to share your home with a music-talent bed-warming spotted princess? :-)
Than Sissy is the perfect choice for you! She is an active, lovely and smart Dalmatian lady. She is quite convinced that Her Majesty stands high above any canince company, but she simply adores people and enjoys being around them. Sissy, this gorgeus personality is looking for a new home!


31.01.2013. – Princess Sissy needs a loving home!

Last year, Sissy rescued her family’s life, when their house bursted into flames. Since the house burnt down completely, the owners had to find a new home, where they couldn’t take Sissy, so she was left at their grandmother’s place. The elderly lady was no longer able to take proper care of the dog, so she disclaimed ownership and Sissy was taken to the animal shelter of Miskolc. We rescued her from there, got her examined by the vet and took her to a loving fosterhome, where she is waiting for a new family together with other rescue dogs.
Despite her 10 years of age, Sissy is an active dog, enjoys going for long walks and walks relatively well on leash. Due to the lack of exercise, she’s quite overweighted, though she has already lost a few pounds in her fosterhome. Special diet and regular physical exersice is recommended for her.
She likes roaming in the garden but she also enjoys taking a nap on a comfy bed in the heated room.
Sissy is a real princess, who has always been surrounded by love and fondness. We would like to find her a sweet home, where she’ll be the apple of the eye of the family.
Unfortunately, she is not so happy about sharing her home with other dogs and cats, keeps a few steps distance, so we recommend her as a single dog, so that she could always stand in the center of attention.
Sissy is an adorable girl, loves being around people, gets along very well with children, as well and she often greets them with the typical “Dalmatian-smile”.
She is an ideal family dog, though she’d also be happy with a single owner if proper care and attention is provided. Interestingly, she’s especially fond of male company and always flashes her pretty smile when meets them.
Vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, healthy. House-trained.
Recommended for families with a house and a garden, where she is allowed to go and sleep inside any time. Living in a flat would also be a good option, providing that she’s taken for walks at least 3 times a day.
Sissy is waiting for her new family in our care. Adoption is possible with and adoption contract signed after personal meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SISSY)

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Sissy/



21.01.2013. – Incredible news about Sissy – she saved the life of her family !

Sissy, the life-saver Dalmatian has turned into a rescue dog (she is safe in our care now) – a twist of fate. There was a report on TV a few months ago about a family whose whole house was destroyed by fire. Here’s the short story:

“The dog saved the life of a mother and her son, when their house burned down in Miskolc. The roof bursted into flames from the outside but they couldn’t hear it in their sleep. However, the family’s Dalmatian bit the sleeping boy’s hand to wake him. In the end the boy and his mother were able to escape from the burning house. Unfortunately, the house completely burned down.”



20.01.2013. – Please, support Sissy!

Sissy, the crummy Dalmatian lady has a great appetite, though the food consumed “came back”, so her fostermum took her to the vet. Sissy has been neglected since ages but she is in safe hands now.
She received antibiotic treatments and the an ultrasound examination, which has to be repeated within a few days.
We got the bill from the animal shelter (microchip, vaccinations, deworming), too.
There are 5 dogs in our care now and their everyday care combined with veterinary costs are a huge charge on our small team.
Please, support Sissy!
We appreciate each and every amount of donation!
Thank you!

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Thank you!!


16.01.2013. – Sissy is here!

This neglected, young Dalmatian lady found a place as the result of a fantastic teamwork again.

She was taken to the animal shelter of Miskolc on Saturday because her elderly owner was no longer able to take proper care of her. On Sunday we heard this sad story and we began to advertise Sissy immediately in order to find her a fosterhome. Monday evening a family offered her a place, took her home on Tuesday, so she didn’t have to spend more nights in a small and cold cage in the animal shelter. Meanwhile she received a microchip, vaccinations, antiworm and antiflea treatments.
Sissy enjoys travelling by car and she sang all along the way to her new home, just like many Dalmatians do.
The fosterhome has already informed us that Sissy had occupied her comfy bed and now she’s havin a peaceful sleep after the past busy days.
We are thankful to our volunteers in Miskolc for taking good care of Sissy for a couple of hours before the foster family arrived and we are also thankful to the family for welcoming Sissy in their home after such a long travel.

Kép 211



This Dalmatian girl was taken to the animal shelter of Miskolc yesterday, when the elderly lady who took care of her got ill. The dog couldn’t stay at her home, in a flat whitout heating. The elderly lady wasn’t able to take care of herself either and she didn’t take Sissy for walks. The poor dog hasn’t left the flat for years, she’s lived among the four walls like a “prisoner”.
We would like to take Sissy in our care but the shelter gave us a short deadline. We must take her over until the 15th of January (this Tuesday)!!!
It’s quite impossible to find a fosterhome in such short time. If you could give her a place for 1-2 weeks, it would mean a huge help for us!
We cover the costs of her care and we offer our help in organizing the transport.
She was vaccinated and dewormed in the shelter.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu
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