Dalmata Mentés


14.08.2013. – Dorisz visited us

Dorisz and her family visited Hungary for a little vacation and we had a chance to meet them.
Dorisz was adopted in January 2013 and the bond between her and her Daddy has become exceptionally strong. Daddy means everything to her, she always keeps an eye on him and follows him wherever he goes.
Dorisz is much loved and cared for by her family: she arrived with her “own” baggage including a bed and a blanket, bowls, treats, safe car travel accessories, furminator, etc.
Daddy always pays attention to Dorisz’s needs, they spend a lot of time together, go for long walks, play with tennisballs and he pampers his spotted girl with endless love.
Dorisz is a happy rehomed Dalmatian lady :)

Click here for more photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/doris/

20.02.213. – Dorisz found a new home 🙂

We signed the adoption contract. Dorisz is a very sweet girl, her new owner doesn’t have any problem with her.
She behaves well in the flat. It turned out that if they don’t take a ball for the walks, Dorisz makes friends happily with other dogs. If there’s a ball or any kind of toy, she will focus only on that. All in all, Dorisz is much loved in her new home and she gets everything a Dalmatian deserves: care, toys, daily long walks, love and attention. :)

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/doris/

13.01.2013. – Dorisz moved on trial adoption

Dorisz arrived in our care in the beginning of December, when we found her a nice fosterhome. This was not the first time she needed a new home. We advertised her as mediated dog two years ago and a family adopted her to their rescued Dalmatian. Unfortunately, they had less and less time to deal with Dorisz because of family reasons. Though they managed to find her a place, it proved to be far from good for a dog that demands company and rehabilitation. So we took her in our care in order to give her a chance to find a loving family that would pay a lot more attention to her.
During the first month spent in her fosterhome Dorisz went through an incredible change. The once distrustful and growling dog has turned into a lively, playful and cuddling, smart Dalmatian girl. The new year brought Dorisz a new chance, when one of the foster family’s friends fell in love with her. Having passed the mandatory formalities she moved to her owner-to-be for probation in the beginning of January.

All we can say is that she has a hard life in Vienna, full of important questions. She has to make lots of decisions regarding her future. At the moment she is thinking of starting a career as a supermodel. :)

21.12.2012. – Dorisz taking steps

Dorisz was very shy and distrustful in the beginning but she has slowly eased up in her fosterhome by this time. She is looking for a loving forever home!

09.12.2012. – Dorisz is here!

Dorisz is looking for a new home for family reasons but her placement was not sufficient because she had to spend 10-12 hours alone in a cold outbuilding… This beautiful but overly shy lady needs rehabilitation before she could be adopted. More information coming soon…