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11.11.2013. – Mizo is adopted 🙂

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27.08.2013. – Mizo moved on trial adoption

Two weeks ago a nice couple applied for Mizo, our 10-year-old kind and playful Dalmatian male. After a few emails we made an appointment to meet the sympathetic candidates in person. The second time they brought their two small-size rescue dogs, too. They live in a family house with a nice garden, where the dogs can go inside freely.
They were looking for particularly a large-size, older and calm but still active dog and Mizo seemed to be ideal to their expectations.
What they especially liked is that they won’t have to cope with the ups&downs of having a puppy at home, such as the usual hiperactive behavior and the overall training lasting for months. This was the main reason why they decided to adopt an elderly dog who would much likely get along well with both dogs of the family. The couple agreed to buy Mizo special food and to continue his treatments to reduce his allergy problem.

So, Mizo moved to his forever home-to-be last Friday. We just received a fresh feedback about the first days: Mizo behaves perfect and his new owners described him as an obedient and gentle guy with an exceptionally good character. He and one of the family’s dogs slept side-by-side the very first night and they play every day.
Leaving Mizo there wasn’t easy for his fostermum, but knowing that his new family will take good care of him gave us a pleasant feeling.

This is a good example that dogs labeled “old” do own several valuable features. They really deserve to find a loving home for their upcoming years.

Keep your fingers crossed for Mizo! 🙂


07.07.2013. – Mizo, Dalmatian male is looking for a new home

Mizo lived closed in a small kennel during the first 6 years of his life. Thanks to the Állat és Ember animal rescue organization, his lucky day arrived soon when he found a nice home. Now, his owner has no time and energy to take care of him properly, so Mizo, at the age of 10, has to move again.
Mizo is over his youth, but he is still a healthy and sweet guy. He needs a little attention and daily care, which his owner is no longer able to provide him. Apart from a little skin allergy, he is in a great shape and his general condition is more than fine according to the vet who examined him. He is vaccinated against Rabies and received a combined vaccination, too, plus antiworm pills and a microchip. He is neutered and the vet removed the plaque off his teeth during the OP.

Mizo likes lolling on his beanbag or having a rest on a soft rug near his people. Though he got used to living outside, he behaves perfectly in the flat, doesn’t whine or bark and stays calm when he’s left alone. Also, he is fully house-broken.
Due to his age, he has a lower energy level. There’s no need to take him on long excursions or bring him out in the woods to run for hours. Provided that he can roam around freely in a larger garden, a lazy walk on a nice day is enough for him. He walks well on the lead.

Mizo is a smart and gentle boy, pays attention to people. He knows basic commands such as “Sit”, “Down” and “Go to your place”. In general, he gets along well with everyone around and he likes giving kisses to adults and children alike, as he especiall enjoys their company and would never jump up on even the smallest kid. He is playful in a kind way, not vehement.
Gets along well with other dogs, particularly fancies small size dogs but he doesn’t make friends with non-neutered males. Sometime in the past it did happen that he caught a few chickens, so they should be kept separately for everyone’s safety.

Mizo would like to move to a family house with a garden, where he’s allowed to go and sleep inside anytime. He has a dog house, which he can take with him into his new home. He enjoys being out in the garden, lying on the soft grass and watching his people doing their everyday activities in the green, but as the days are getting colder, he’d rather choose to sleep inside, in a warm place.
Mizo would happily live with elderly people or a family with children. He is a calm and friendly dog, who can’t wait to give you heartwarming moments and years filled with love and joy in return for tender care and lots of caresses.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (MIZO) or +36303457051

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