Dalmata Mentés


12.10.2013. – Macesz found a home 🙂

Photos: gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Macesz/


10.09.2013. – Macesz moved on trial adoption 🙂

Hey, I’m Macesz, which means something like Bear in English. I got this name because I’m so tall and calm all the time.  I arrived to the Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue from a breeder who wanted to put me to sleep because he had to change homes and couldn’t take me with him… I’m only a year-old and I’m a very sweet guy and I feel lucky that the HDR girls saved my life. :)

So I have some good news to tell. The HDR team didn’t even have time to translate my ads when a promising candidate applied for me. We met twice and then I could move to their family to begin the probation period. It’s called so because they want to see how I fit in in my forever home-to-be.
I must say that I really like it here! We go on nice walks with my new Dad and his son takes me jogging, when I’m up to a little exercise. I have my very own sofa in this huge house, which I find totally cool and I can roam around the garden anytime I want to. I have to admit though that the first night I cried a lot because I missed my foster family and four-legged friends but now I feel much better because they take good care of me and I know they love me very much. They also pay attention to my special nurturing, because I can only eat food that doesn’t contain any poultry.
All in all, everything is good so far. I guess I’m gonna stay. ;)



02.09.2013. – Macesz needs a home!


26.08.2013. – Macesz is here!