Dalmata Mentés

Fanta – rehomed

22.03.2018. Fanta is looking for a home – 1,5 year-old energetic Dalmatian male

Fanta, the young energetic male Dalmatian has been waiting for his number one – in our care – for more than 3 months. Fanta is a victim of „Christmas gifts”, his elderly owners could not handle him thus they started to look for a new family for him, but after findind them, he had to go according to the problems with the other dog.



We are looking for a final and responsible family for him, who can show a happy and balanced life for our blue eyed prince.

Fanta is bigger than an average Dalmatian, reckless and needs a firm and direct teaching with his competent new owner. In this, a dog school can be a big help, we suggest a training with a purpose. He is extremely kind and loving with people, needs our company but he can be „too much” many times. He wants a fix point – a human – who treats him well and train him how to behave properly. With this, he will respect and love his owner inconditionally.

Fanta is extremely energetic, he needs regular, long walks, runs, games and training. He would be happily his new owner’s hiking friend. He is a player, you can throw him a ball,  a stick, a frizbee – he will bring it back ardently and tirelessly and will give it back to your hand.

He is friendly with children but according to his temperamental behaviour we suggest him for families with bigger kids.

His behaviour with other dogs is problematic at the moment, we are training him to behave normally and to teach him a proper socialization. With similar sized and sturdy dogs he can be trained to live together, but we do not recommend him with small-sized, elderly or tremulous dogs. We are looking for a strong-minded and experienced owner for him.

Fanta is 1,5 years old, neutered, scanned, healthy, microchipped, big Dalmatian male. You can adopt him in a flat or in a house with garden – but sleeping inside.

If you are interested in Fanta, write to:  kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Fanta) – please write a few sentences about yourself and where he would live.