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23.02.2015. – New photos of Fanni

17.02.2015. – Fanni, our newest rescue Dally

fanni05Unfortunately, we get calls about homeless Dalmatians almost every week. Finding a reliable fosterhome is extremely difficult but we try to do our best to help the dogs. Recently, we received a call from a lady who was planning to adopt a Dally and it turned out that she had already found an ad offering a 3.5 year-old Dalmatian female for sale. We were shocked to see the dog on the photo, her body covered in mud, a thick leather collar around her neck, chained to a wooden doghouse that was falling apart. The advertiser wrote that she would ’soon be in heat’ – it was clear what they had used the dog for…

The lady asked our help to organise the transport for the poor dog. We talked for a while and she seemed to be an experienced Dally owner so we decided to cooperate in the dog’s takeover. We were glad that the dog would have a place in such a short time, where she could begin the rehabilitation process. Also, we couldn’t risk waiting for some puppy mill person to buy her and continue ’breeding’ puppies to earn some extra income. We all know what these poor dogs have to go through but as long as people see money in this terrible business, it will be impossible to put an end to it.. 🙁

The potential owner promised us to cover the costs of the sale and transport. The dog was in a neglected condition when she arrived to us, so we headed right to the vet. We gave her a spot-on to get rid of the incredible amount of fleas on her body. She had a light fever, but apart from that, she seemed to be healthy. We were quite surprised when the vet read the chip. Her date of birth and the name of the owner differed from the data in the vaccination booklet. We found the original owner who told us that she gave the dog away a year ago to a nice person, because she didn’t have time for her. She was also shocked when she heard our news but couldn’t take the dog back.
Then the situation got more complicated…the owner-to-be called us that due to residential problems she wasn’t allowed to take the dog. Despite the landlord’s consent, the neighbours wrote a petition against dog keeping in the house. Days of negotiations didn’t bring any positive results.
As we don’t have a dog shelter and permanent fosterhomes, we had no choice but to place the dog in a pension. We didn’t plan to do this and this is not the best solution for her on longterm.

Fanni is quite confused and anxious now, she cries a lot. Moreover, she is in heat now, which doesn’t help her general behaviour. We need to wait now to be able to give a more detailed description about her after this difficult period.
So far, she is friendly with people, easily gets excited, dances, whines and wags her tail whenever her caretaker greets her. We don’t know her behaviour with dogs, cats, etc. yet. She needs time to calm down and settle herself in the new environment.

Fanni is looking for a fosterhome, where she will get all the attention and proper care an abused Dally needs. She lives in Hungary, near Budapest.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (FANNI)