Dalmata Mentés

Brian (mediated)


Brian, 4-year-old Dalmatian male needs a new home (mediated)
Org: Orosházi Állatmentő Alapítvány
Place: Orosháza, Hungary

“Name: Brian
Gender: neutered male
Born: 2011
Size: 48 cm.
Details: His family decided to get rid of him so they asked their vet to euthanize the dog. Our vet called us to tell that he denied their request, so we took Brian in. His owners kept him among terrible circumstances and they didn’t pay any attention to his everyday needs and anti-flea/tick treatments. The lack of proper nutrition caused an allergic dermatitis on several parts of Brian’s body. Thanks to the vet care, his wounds have healed in a few weeks and he is doing fine now. We hope to find this lovely and friendly Dalmatian boy a sweet forever home, where he will be surrounded by lots of love and fun.
Brian is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and neutered.
He would love to live in a family house with a garden, where he will be allowed to go inside anytime he wants. We kindly await your questions about Brian to info@allatmentok-orosháza.hu.”

Brian is a friendly Dalmatian male with lots of nice spots. He’s been through a lot and we all hope for a better future full of happiness for him. He likes being around people and he gets on well with other dogs. His reaction to cats is yet unknown. If you are interested in adopting this cute boy, please get in touch with the organization:

Orosházi Állatmentő Alapítvány
Phone: +3630/3877-497.
E-mail: info@allatmentok-oroshaza.hu
Web: www.allatmentok-oroshaza.hu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oroshaziallatmento.alapitvany…

Or send an email to us: info@dalmatamentes.hu (BRIAN)
Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue