Dalmata Mentés


02/03/2013 – Pettyeske found a home!

Pettyeske travels to his new family this Sunday. We hope the best for him in his new home. 🙂


25/02/2013 – Pettyeske S.O.S.

Pettyeske lives in the dogpound of Mezőkövesd. His time will be up on the 27th of February. We are looking for a fosterhome to save him from death. Our organization covers all the costs of his care but we need a place to save his life! Please, share and help us to give him a new chance for a happier life!
Contact: +36-30-345-7051 or info@dalmatamentes.hu

“Pettyeske- Spotty is a 3-yr-old boy. He is very friendly and very good guard-dog. He may become a lovely family dog. His time will be over on the 27th of February!”

Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/pettyeske/