Dalmata Mentés

Vaccinations – 2nd round

We planned to take all the puppies to the vet for the second combined vaccination on Friday. Just as we were on the way to the clinics we got the emergency call about Szende (see below).  In the end, we managed to get all the work done, but it had been another busy day for our tiny team. We could hardly find a second to stop and take a deep breath.

So, the puppies have two combined vaccinations now but we still need to wait 2 more weeks before they can finally take a nice walk outside of their home. In order to protect their immune system, they are not allowed to meet people and dogs during this time. Good news is that thanks to the good care and quality food they have already gained some pounds and the smaller puppies have almost doubled their weight.

We are thankful for your kind support. Without your contribution we wouldn’t be able to cover these costs and help the rescue puppies. Thank you!