Dalmata Mentés

Rescuing Dalmatians from the cold weather!

We had another busy weekend.
Two Dalmatians have arrived in our care, both of them were threatened by the cold weather.
Our volunteers gave us a huge help by transporting the dogs throughout the country. We are extremely grateful for their work!
It’s wonderful to see that dogs can successfully move to a secure place thanks to such cooperation. Thank you!

Fura is in our care now. She is an energetic, active lady, who is in great shape belying her age.
Her owner changed home and so Fura was placed in an outside kennel at a workplace estate.
We have been advertising her for long months but none of the applicants seemed to be serious enough. Meanwhile her placement became problematic.
With the winter approaching, we couldn’t wait any longer. Luckily we managed to find her a loving fosterhome.
More information and photos coming soon.

Dorisz is also in our care.
She is looking for a new home for family reasons but her placement was not sufficient because she had to spend 10-12 hours alone in a cold outbuilding…
This beautiful but overly shy lady needs rehabilitation before she could be adopted.
More information coming soon.