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Donnie’s vaccination program has been started

We’re going to visit the vet every two weeks where Donnie gets parasite killers and different type of injections. After all of it Donnie will be neutered. We’ve already ordered him dog food and spot-on. Fortunately he has strong appetite

But the cost of Donnie is a fly in the ointment for our organization.  The cost of dog hotel for Clyde, the medical examinations of Lapaj, their special dog foods and the fur problems of Bennett (we report it soon) is more than our financial capacity.  



Detailed costs of Donnie (with benefit):
Anti-rabies Injection: HUF 4340
Dog food and spot-on: HUF 11.245
Other expected costs:
combined vacination: HUF 3x 6000
Total: HUF 49.585

Donnie számla (vet bill)

Donnie számla (vet bill)

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