Dalmata Mentés

Update to the 6 puppies

Today afternoon the puppies moved back to the fosterhome, where they were born on 5 December. The new “settlers” have already discovered the restored dog room, equipped with comfortable dog beds, pillows and loads of dog toys.

One of the fosterhome’s Dalmatian ladies, Kira adopted the puppies immediately. She came into our care a few days after her previous family left her at a dogpound in autumn 2012. Now she is the one to keep the puppies safe and warm and she will guide their steps all the way during their socilization in the next weeks.

Sadly, the mother, Szejke died on 31 December, when the babies were only 3,5 weeks old. We can’t express how thankful we are to the foster family for taking so perfect care of the little babies every day and night in the past months. Feeding them every 2-3 hours, cleaning them and keeping them warm required incredible strength and devotion from their part after Szejke had passed away. But due to their love and tender care, the babies have grown into healthy and beautiful puppies. A thousand times thank you goes to you, dear Mariann!

Soon you can read more about the puppies and admire their cute photos.