Dalmata Mentés

Lilly története | The story of Lilly

This Dalmatian lady was found walking on the road near Eger in January 2012. She was mere skin and bone. She was placed in a cold hutch for 1,5 weeks, which wasn’t the best solution. The Vidám Mancsok Állatvédő Egyesület (Happy Paws Animal Rescue Association) took over her. They didn’t have a free place but they weren’t able to leave her there in the freezing winter. The Dally was given a refreshing shower and the necessary vaccinations before she was taken to the Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue. Our Austrian partners told us that someone became interested in her, so we named her Heidi.

Heidi visited the veterianian and she received a microchip and a passport, too. The thorough abdominal ultra sound examination showed that she was in heat at the moment.
A few days later we gave Heidi to our Austrian collegues and they spayed her after heat. Her new family visited her several times during her recovery and they got on very well with each other. In the meantime Heidi was christened Lilly. She moved to her new sweet home at the end of February, where she received two small friends, as well. They take superb long walks together in the surrounding woods and enjoy the warmth of their loving home.
Lilly sent us a couple of photos so that we can see her story in pictures, too. Check out her album here: