Dalmata Mentés


Leila, the 7-year-old Dalmatian lady is looking for a sweet home!
Leila was found in a rubbish-shoot, in the beginning of February, shivering in the freezing cold. She was very thin and her physical condition was awful due to the severe breast fever caused by the loss of her puppies.
The lady who rescued her couldn’t give her a place because of the high number of rescue dogs in her home, so our organization took over the poor girl. We placed Leila in a fosterhome and took her to thorough veterinary examinations. She received medical treatments, got sterilized and vaccinated.
Leila is healthy now and she is ready to find a forever home, where her new family will take care of her.
She is a good-tempered and friendly lady, a truly sweet girl, who longs for human company more than anything and needs to be close to people.  She loves talking, “chirping” and giving paws, willing to please and do everything for a little caress. Massage is permitted only to those, whom she trusts.
Her behavior shows that once she had a family, got a little education, though it is clear that no one has trained her for years, because she needs to learn the basic commands again. She’s eager to learn for treats, but she easily gets absent-minded, like a real Dalmatian would do.
Dog toys are quite new to her, balls doesn’t interest her, but she enjoys having fun with fostermum, plays like a clown on four legs, gives her paws and rolls around.
Behaves well in the flat, house-trained, though she must have lived in a garden earlier. She’s quite curious, follows her fostermum everywhere, digs her head in the fridge and cupboard, too. Tends to steal everything that she finds edible. Whenever she gets called down from the sofa, she shakes her bum happily as if she was playing a funny game.
Leila began training with fostermum, which needs to be continued consistently by her new family, as well.
She must have lived among children earlier, since she stops in front of the kindergarten and whines when she sees the kids playing in the garden.
Behaves well around children, stays calm and patient.
Usually friendly with other dogs, but she tends to bark at larger males sometimes.
Walks well on leash, though tends to pull sometimes, when she hunts for crumbles on the ground. This is quite understandable on the basis of her previous life.
Leila needs regular physical exersize and outer stimuli. Leila is looking for someone, who has enough time for her, because she would love to be around the family most of the day.
A good sense of humour is required from the new owner’s part, but they should be strong-minded because Leila can easily get self-determined and she can be quite strong-willed in her cute and funny way.
But if this is treated properly, she will be an ideal family dog and a loyal friend without problems.
Vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, sterilized, healthy.
Recommended for owners with a family house, where she is allowed to go and sleep inside at any time. Recommended also for owners with a flat, where she is walked several times a day.
Leila is looking for a new home in the care of our organization. Adoptable with an adoption contract signed after personal meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (LEILA)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Leila