Dalmata Mentés

Leila is looking for a sweet home

Today afternoon we went to a photo shooting with our adoptable Dalmatians living in Budapest.

Taking good photos of Miss Leila is not an easy project, so we decided to face this mission impossible. Her photos haven’t reflected so far, how beautiful she is.
She moved to her fosterhome 2 months ago. With the kind help of her fostermum, Leila got over her serious illnesses. Due to the careful nutrition, the desperate Dalmatian lady found on a rubbish shoot in the middle of January, gained back her strength and became a happy and healthy spotted girl.

Leila would love to find a sweet home!
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (LEILA) or +36303457051

Standing in front of the camera made her smile fade… She took offense just like a real princess and kept on turning her back to the insistent photographer. ‘Giving up’ is an expression we never use, so in the end wonderful photos came out thanks to the professional photographer.

We are thankful to the Hopeonline Team for their magnanimous offer!
You shed light to the side of Leila, we have already seen: the Dalmatian Diva. 😀
More photos coming soon in her album under http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Leila/