Dalmata Mentés

Szira found a forever home

 Szira is the first among the Dalmatians rescued from the puppy mill in December, to find a forever home. We have signed the adoption contract and now she is officially rehomed. 🙂

Szira is in a fantastic shape, she has grown a lot and put on some muscles, too. She is simply beautiful and adorable. Whenever her owners call her name or ask her to do something, her ears go up and she turns her head to the side before obeying. She has already learnt the rules of living inside, though every now and then she steals a few things like her fluffy brother’s toys. Süti doesn’t seem to mind, even if Szira occupies his bed. Their friendship is everlasting and so they share everthing with each other.

Szira is a stabile and well-balanced Dalmatian lady with a calm nature. She is 100% house-trained, calls Mom when she has to go out. She’s allowed on the sofa and when a family member sits down onto it, Szira jumps up and lies her head on their lap.

When it comes to taking a walk, Szira sits down in front of the door and waits patiently for Mom or Dad to put her leash on.
Soon they will start a puppy course at the dog training course. The bond between Szira and her family, including Süti, is already very strong. She pays attention to them with ears and eyes open and they love her endlessly.

Dear Szira, we wish you many-many happy years in your loving family! 🙂

Click here for more photos of Szira:

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