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Szikra news

Szikra, one of the oldest puppies rescued from the puppy mill began the trial adoption in his new family more than 3 weeks ago. He fits in very well into his new home and he enjoys his puppy days full of adventure and fun. He made friends with the family’s Jack Russel boy and he plays a lot with their bunny “Szotyi” (~ sunflower seed).
Due to his early life he tends to behave insecure in new situations but his family guides him carefully on the way to become a self-confident Dalmatian guy. We’ve received a letter recently:

“Luckily, we had a wonderful weather on Saturday so we went for a long walk, about 7 kms. He enjoyed the excursion and we met people and dogs that afternoon. His reaction to dogs varies, sometimes he growls and other times we can hardly hold him back from running to the dog to play. Therefore we often take him to places where he can meet strangers to get used to their sight and company. He likes collecting things, when we look away off he goes and steals a toy, a sock, a shoe, whatever he finds interesting. He particularly enjoys playing with our bunny who’s not afraid of the big spotted pal. They can play for hours.
Szikra also likes fetching the tennis ball and he learnt to catch the treat when we throw it to him. He began to discover the garden a few days after his arrival, now he sniffs and runs around happily in it.”

More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/szikra

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