Dalmata Mentés

Update to Star

Star, the deaf puppy of the 6 (now 7) months old litter moved to a fosterhome 10 days go, after the neutering surgery. Since his brothers and sister all had promising candidates, we decided it was time for him to begin the socialization in appropriate hands.

Star enjoys the care of a nice couple and much to our delight he has a Labrador-mix pal in his new home. The two boys are the same age and so became friends within minutes. They play a lot with each other and in the evenings they fall asleep side-by-side in their comfy bed. The presence of a hearing dog means a huge help for Star, he can learn from him not only about canine but also about human behavior, which is essential for the optimal learning and training process of a deaf puppy.

Star is a lovely little boy, his soul radiates from his eyes. He pays attention to his environment and the people in it, observes his friend’s moves and follows what he does. The foster family takes care of him lovingly, they teach him with sign language and since the spotted puppy is a fast learner, he already know the sit and down commands. He tends to behave a little uncertain during the walks but under good guidance he will gain more confidence with time. Soon he will visit the puppy course at the dog school, where he can meet and play with other dogs in a safe environment.

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