Dalmata Mentés

Update to Silver

 Silver, one of the oldest puppies rescued from the puppy mill travelled to his new home in Germany at the end of January. A volunteer of a local Dalmatian rescue organization fell in love with his photos and she and her dogs welcomed Silver with arms and paws wide open.
Silver was named Salt and he has grown a lot since then. He gained physical strength and thanks to the endless love of his new family his broken soul is now mended.
We get regular updates and photos from his family and we are glad to see him so happy. 🙂

“Salt came into our lives a little bit more than a month ago. In the beginning he acted shy and he used to hide behind his fosterdad ‘Pepper’ in situations he was unfamiliar with. Everyone greeted him happily and soon he realized that there’s nothing to fear. Slowly, he opened up and made friends with other dogs and now he can’t wait to go for a walk on the meadows where he can run and play with his pals for hours.
He behaves braver every day and during the past weeks he’s become Everybody’s Darling. In the evenings he lies down beside Pepper on the couch and they sleep side-by-side every night.
Salt has made the “spice family” whole, our two Dalmatians, Pepper and Sugar guide him happily on the way of becoming a happy grownup Dalmatian boy.
Thank your for giving him to me! “

More photos of Salt: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Silver/

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