Dalmata Mentés

Dalmi set off

Autumn is here again! Though the summer holidays are over and we have more tasks to do, the rescue still continues.
On the 18th of September, Dalmi, our lovely Dalmatian-mix lady rescued from the streets took off on a long journey to Germany, after two months of fosterlife. She received a travelmate, a friendly mix-lady called Aurora (now Hope). The 4 month-old pretty girl was rescued from the Illatosut dogpound in August and then spent some weeks in a pension. Thanks to the the elaborate organisation, Dalmi and Aurora could pack their luggage earlier then planned.Both dogs move to loving homes, checked by the German SOS Dalmatiner e.V. organisation.
The families have prepared for the great encounter for several weeks and they just couldn’t wait for the arrival of their new family members.
Thanks to the nice early-morning walk and play, Dalmi and Aurora were barely awake during their travel. They discovered their new homes with renewed energy after the arrival.
Photos are coming soon…