Dalmata Mentés

Dalmi in her new family

The past months for Dalmi was rather adventurous. We were notified of a Dalmatian-mix lady spending her days on the streets of a small town. Her fur was full of fleas and it was obvious that she had recently given birth to puppies, though no one knew where to find them… Her life was at risk, she could have been taken to the killing station at any time because her presence got more and more unwanted in the neighbourhood, so we had only a short time to find a solution for her. No stones were left unturned until we could take her into our care thanks to our foster families. The little girl received the necessary vaccinations and a microchip, then she was ready for to be spayed, too.


Weeks passed by when a letter arrived from our partner organization in Germany. It brought good news: a nice family was interested particularly in Dalmi intending to adopt her. So, after 2,5 months in our care, the once streetdog travelled to Germany, where she was long awaited and given the glad hand.

During the past 1,5 months it was proved that Dalmi couldn’t have found a better place. She fit in her new family very well, made best friends with the children and she sleeps on the couch, naturally. In the beginning she wasn’t really happy about the family’s cat but thanks to the continuous training their relationship is slowly getting better. The family loves the spotted lady so much that they could never ever give her away. The new home brought her a new name, as well: Dalmi was christened Ella. 🙂


We are truly glad for Dalmi, as she has gone through so many things during the 1,5 years of her life that she really deserved a loving family and a nice home, where she can feel safe forever.Dear Ella, we wish you lots of love and a long happy life with your family!