Dalmata Mentés

Daisy is on probation

Daisy began her probation at the beginning of September. According to the candidate’s reports, everyone adores her, even her cat-friendly family fell in love with Daisy, since „it’s impossible to resist such an intelligent, well-behaved and lovely dog”. The visit to her family went very well. Travelling by tram and train meant no problem for Daisy at all. It didn’t take her long to calm down in the house and she soon made friends with the family’s cat, too.

Daisy behaves superb within the flat, would never touch the food left on the table and she waits patiently to go for a walk. She enjoys sunbathing and always finds the sunny places in her home. A giant trunk has become her favourite place to sleep as it has room enough for her and she can also smell her owner-to-be’s odour on it. However, it does happen sometimes that she climbs up to the bed, especially in time of thounderstorms. Cuddling and caresses help her calm down and her fear is soon gone.

Daisy’s life hasn’t been cloudless for sure. The way she longs for love and cuddling is unbelievable, she enjoys being stroked any time of the day. She follows her owner-to-be almost everywhere, comes when called and obeys the sit and down commands pretty well. She needed a few days to begin playing with a ball:

Regular walks and the diet made Daisy lose some of the weight she had gained earlier. She is getting in shape and her condition is improving day-by-day. Since she is a young dog with high energy level, she particularly enjoys running together with her owner-to-be. Consequent training makes her walk better on the leash.

Due to the lack of socialization, Daisy’s behavior to other dogs is not „spotless”. There is much to learn in this field but her behavior will surely improve with the training in the dog school. She managed to close friendship with a Labrador and they play a lot with each other when they meet. It’s all a matter of time and patience.

Let us share some words of Daisy’s candidate with you:

„All in all, I fell totally in love with Daisy. Based on how deeply she is cottoned to me, I suppose she feels the same… I truly hope that everything will be fine and we will become a family soon.