Dalmata Mentés

Update to Coco

The letters of Coco’s family speak for themselves. 🙂

“Coco is doing great. Recently, we took him and Lolka on a trip to Tata. He was walking proudly on my left side but then he turned so brave that I could hardly hold him back from pulling me away like a balloon. We all enjoyed the long walk around the local lake and both dogs slept peacefully all the way home.
House-training goes better every day.
Every now and then Coco steals a few things off the counter but when he gets caught, he has to go to his place and spend some time there thinking about the meaning of life. Oh, he’s simply adorable! We love him so very much!

We usually take a walk in the nearby woods. It’s not easy to keep up with him, we run together until we get tired and then he has to slow down and continue the walk on our left side.
Every night he goes to his bed to sleep.
All in all: we love him and each member of our family enjoys the days spent together with this cute spotted boy.”

Coco found a wonderful home, where he is surrounded by lots of love and attention – just like all his brothers and sisters rescued from that terrible puppy mill. Happy ending. 🙂

Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Coco/

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