Dalmata Mentés

Update to Cliff

 Cliff has an active and adventurous life in his new family. Thanks to the daily training and walks he’s thriving. His owners enjoy the exciting everydays with the cute Dalmatian boy and their letters speak for themselves:

“The two boys have become best friends during the past weeks. When I’m working on the computer they sleep side-by-side by my feet. Cliff has boundless energies and he learns extremely fast. He’s going to be a superb sports dog. If I show him a trick once, he will surely remember it the next day. Instead of letting him behave naughty in the flat, we teach him basic obedience and tricks so he doesn’t have time to ruin anything. He gets usually so tired at end of the day that he sleeps through the night from 9-10 pm until 6.45 am.”

“There’s a huge field nearby, we just call it ‘paradise for dogs’ and we always meet dogs there. Now we’re working on Cliff’s recall because he tends to have a ‘selective hearing’ when it comes to playing with other dogs. He’s grown a lot and has put on 4,5 lb. Soon he’ll reach our Lab in size. And we discovered new spots on his coat!”

“Everything is going so well! We are convinced that we have the smartest, kindest and sweest dogs in the world! You were right about the couch thing, too, but they received our permission to use it. We often catch them play on it but they are so funny!
Cliff has grown a lot again and he lost all his baby teeth. Sometimes he throws a hissy fit if he doesn’t like something but it makes him even more cute.
Thanks to the daily socialization he gets along very well with people and dogs, cats, etc. .”

We love reading so many happy news about our little troublemaker. 🙂

Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Cliff/

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