Dalmata Mentés

Update to Chanel

Chanel is very happy in her new home as she is surrounded by the endless love of her family each and every day.

Here are some quotes from the letters of Chanel’s family:

“We adore Chanel, she is a kind, lovely and obedient Dalmatian lady. We only need to get through the morning meetings when she greets us with such enthusiasm that we got used to putting on thick clothes. When she gets her portion of caresses and kisses, she calms down and continues the day with a smile on her pretty face.”

“Today we let her off the leash for the first time. We were a little bit worried but she came back whenever we called her name. She ran around happily and discovered the river, too. Peaked at it curiously and after sniffing it, she put her paw in the water.”

“Chanel is a wonderful dog!”

Chanel is an attentive Dalmatian girl, who loves being close to her family more than anything. If one of the family members gets sick, she cuddles to the person and does her best to make them feel more comfortable. She’s already found a few dog friends, as well and we are sure that she feels fantastic in her new home.

More photos of Chanel: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Chanel/

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