Dalmata Mentés

Thank you!

A single supporter has recently sent a larger amount of donation to our association’s bank account.
We are extremely thankful for the generous donation!

Our financial resources are used up to cover the costs of dogs in need. Since theire number is raising day-by-day, we need continuous support. We are glad for each and every small donation, they already have a place to go.
See: http://dalmatamentes.hu/lang/hu/fontos-tudnivalok/tamogatas-support-unterstutzen/

At the present only Tina and Daisy are in our care among the adoptable dogs, though other dogs are waiting for us to take them over. This way we can give them a secure home and they have more chance to find a loving family.

No words are enough to express how important this is, especially now that winter is coming, as there are many dogs who are waiting in awful circumstances to be rescued.
In order to place them, we need not only fosterhomes but financial support, too, so that dogs can be adopted healthy, vaccinated and well-rehabilitated. This makes it easier for them to begin their new life in a family.

Unfortunately, no financial or material offer has arrived for Tina’s care until now. But this donation gave us a new opportunity to support her with food. She has been living in her fosterhome for 4 months and the family did a great job with her rehabilitaion. The spotted lady has changed incredibly since she left the animal shelter. Now we can see a beautiful and healthy Dalmatian girl, who is in great shape both mentally and physically. She opened up to people just as much as she did to her dog friends – she enjoys playing with them.

Tina would love to find a nice family and a forever home, where she could have lots of fun with a friendly dog pal.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu or +36303457051
Tina’s photo album: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Tina/