Dalmata Mentés

Kitty gazdát keres! | Kitty needs a home | Kitty ist in Schwierigkeiten!

This 5 year-old sterilized girl needs a new home!
Kitty loves to be around people and she truly appreciates when someone spends time with her.
She gets along well with children, though we do not recommend her to live with smaller children due to her robust figure.
Completely house-trained although she has lived in a garden all her life so she won’t mean any harm to your home.
The ideal home for Kitty would be a house where she is allowed to be inside with her owner(s) but she has the possibility to roam around the garden freely, whenever she wants to.
She likes to chase cats and birds therefore her new home should rather be cat-free. She doesn’t bark unless it becomes necessary.
Kitty’ relationship with other dogs needs to be improved gradually . However, she is not essentially aggressive. She often acts playful when she finds a partner to have fun with. In case she meets a dominant dog she might take up a defensive position.
Kitty requires an assertive owner who has the time and mood to provide her daily care with fun and play and occasional walks. She would love to be treated as a member of her new family. She will be more than happy to give you all her heart in return.
Kitty is a healthy dog: microchipped, sterilized, vaccinated and she received antiworm treatment, too.
Email: dalmatamentes@gmail.com (indicate Kitty)
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