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Róza, Állat és Ember Állatvédő Egyesület | Roza | Roza

Róza was found in the beginning of June 2011 at a small stream in Baracska.

She was thin, ill, and except for her spots and a red tick collar she wore nothing. She had neither collar, nor chip. Her rescuer took her to vet, and after long struggles for her Róza finally recovered.
The original owner was not found despite of an intense search.. Róza was born in approximately 2003: she is a pure-bred Dalmatian. She is very kind, lacks even the faintest signs of aggression and goes on well with other dogs – although not keen to have their company. She does not chase cats, she is absolutely neutral to them She is very attached but not assertive or demanding. She is a kind talkative (not barking!) lady, who would tell you, if you pay her attention, all what is on her heart. If you give her the „signs”, that she can, she will be a real cuddler. Quite probably hunger was a well-known thing to her, also before lost, as she eats like hell, with a speed that you remain with your eyes wide open, if anyone comes close to her while eating she will immediately grrrrrrrrrrr, therefore we recommend her also for families with bigger children, who are able to understand and respect that dogs should not be bothered while eating.
She is housebroken and cultured. She is not that good in walking on the leash: I would say she is a medium level learner, strange for a dog of her age, and showing that she was not walked too much. But she improves rapidly, so in a little time, this will be fine as well. When the evening comes, she takes her doll and goes for sleeping from herself and she is silent all night.
We recommend her as the only dog of the family, or the second, as the maximum as she requires the attention of the beloved person. She has an extreme pleasure in massage, and before going to sleep would come to you to get her daily dose of that. She is looking for a loving family, where she will get the care and love for which she longs so much and which she also deserves.
Information: kasznakata@gmail.com
Video: http://www.youtube.com/allatesember#p/u/10/K6DHXu8CvQs http://www.youtube.com/allatesember#p/u/9/wBlJNR0GP8w www.allatesember.hu

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