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Kajszi: a new chance for a life

Kajszi, the 5-6-year-old Dalmatian-mix male has lived in the dogpound of Kiskunfélegyháza since January. We had only little information about him, nevertheless we were constantly searching for possibilities (fosterhome, forever home) to save his life. Despite our enquiries for fresh news, we received only a few photos from his early days in the dogpound. What we saw was a kind and gentle guy waiting hopelessly for a new start at the end of a chain.

In the middle of March the local shelter took him over and named him “Szello” (= Breeze). Unfortunately he was taken back to the dogpound within a few days. We still didn’t get neither photos nor a reliable description about his behavior. And that’s when the final countdown started.

Dogs in dogpounds, or so-called ‘killing stations’, usually have a short time to find a home, so when there’s little or no hope, their name gets written on the euthanasia list.
We asked our local volunteer to visit the dog. She couldn’t find the words to express how worn-out Szellő was, though
he didn’t seem to bear illnesses.

Still, no one applied for him, but we decided we wouldn’t let him be put down and so we placed him in a dog pension, even though we knew very well that this solution might bring our organization to a financial breakdown.

Another volunteer offered help in transport and soon he took Szellő from the faraway town to Budapest, where a new chapter began in his life as he arrived into our care. Dear Sipi, thank you for your kind help!

When we met Szellő, we could hardly believe that it was the same dog pictured on the ‘old’ photos:

Kajszi in January:

Kajszi in May:

A sweet but hopeless, broken soul stood in front of us, surrendering himself to the will of people around. He didn’t even try to resist being put from one car to another. Szellő has already bowed to his fate a long time ago. We could feel that he was clearly bothered by his very own stink that engulfed all of us but the woeful look in his eyes radiated grace for a nice word and for a tiny caress on his terribly dirty coat.

After a few days of observation we took him to the vet. He received a combined vaccination and a vaccination against Rabies, a microchip, antiworm pills. His (full) anal glands were emptied, too. We named him KAJSZI (= apricot) after his dapple gray coat covered in cute little spots all over.

The first thing to do was giving him a thorough grooming, so Fostermum called the second day of his stay the ‘Big Grooming Day’. Kajszi obviously felt much better as soon as he was put in the bathtub. He knew very well that soon he is going to get rid of the unendurable smell that kept on reminding him of his sad past.

He stayed calm and gentle during the whole process. After the refreshing shower and the ‘coatcut’ he began to ease up immediately. His ears were in a horrible state, we wondered how on earth he managed to hear with them. After the thorough cleaning it turned out that his hearing is simply perfect and he’s quite a smart guy! He knows basic obedience, such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and even ‘roll’. Kajszi is more than happy for the smallest attention, he enjoys cuddling and being stroked. He is a calm and patient gentleman, he would do anything to indulge his caretaker just to show the endless love hidden in his heart.

Kajszi is still worn-out, both physically and mentally. Even a short walk and some physical activity tire him out totally.  He needs lots of time to relax and sleep combined with love, love and love. Also, he needs to visit the vet for further

Kajszi kindly awaits your donations that will help him on his way to become a healthy dog and find a loving forever home.

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