Dalmata Mentés

Update to the 9 puppies

The everyday care and training of the 9 puppies gives their fosterhome an endless task:
We began to learn the importance of house-training. The puppies are allowed to spend a little time in the garden in a larger wired space, where they enjoy the freedom, run around and play with each other under fostermum’s supervision.

The 4 five-month-old puppies have grown a lot during the past little bit more than two weeks. They received their first vaccination a few days after their arrival. It must be repeated so they’ll visit the vet after Christmas. Then they’ll get the one against Rabies and when the vaccination program is completed, the older puppies will be ready for adoption – the most likely from mid-January. The last round of antiworm-treatment was done the weekend.

The smaller puppies are around 2-3 months now. Well, they are not so small as they have also grown a lot. One-by-one they are still fearful, but being in each others’ company makes them feel more comfortable. Thanks to their curious character, they need only a few minutes to ease up. They are still very young, so probably it will be a bit easier for them to forget the bad memories and let go of all their fears. Sadly, all of them have some wounds on the head, which are slowly healing but it’s still a terrible feeling for us to see the traces of maltreatment on such tiny dogs.
They have to go through the same vaccination process as the older puppies. Since they have received only one combined vaccination so far, they’ll have to visit the vet soon.

For the optimal mental and physical growth of the 5 smaller puppies, it would be ideal if the older puppies moved to forever homes when they are ready.

Transporting the 9 puppies to and from the vet is still a trying task for us as it usually takes several hours out of our days.
We hardly have time to sit down and type in the news, therefore we gently ask for your understanding and patience for the next weeks.
Thank you,
Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue