Dalmata Mentés

Update to Carmen

Carmen enjoys the love of her fosterhome in the company of 2 beautiful English Cockers and a jelaous Bugs Bunny.

After Szonja moved to her fosterhome 2 weeks ago, we could see Carmen ease up minute-by-minute. With a little fear in her eyes she began to walk with more and more self-confidence in the garden, not followed by her puppies this time.

Yesterday morning we took her to the vet to remove her stitches, so cone-time is up for her, too. In the afternoon she was ready to visit the dog park for the first time. We’re glad to hear that meeting people and dogs means no problem for Carmen at all. She behaved friendly and open during her first socialization session.

Fostermum pays attention to Carmen’s shy nature and she gives her every help to let go of her fears. A few days had passed when they noticed that the curve in her back became rarely visible. Still, she easily gets frightened from sudden and loud noises during the walkies. She needs time to get used to living in town.

Carmen’s physical condition is a little bit better now, the wounds on her head are almost healed. She has already gained some pounds, so her weight is slowly getting back to normal. We definitely see now the signs that this young lady will soon become an exceptionally beautiful dog.

The spotted lady had bad dreams lately and her foster family heard her bark in her sleep, which surprised them in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, they treat her as their own dogs and give their best to help Carmen get ready for adoption.