Dalmata Mentés

Update to Szonja

Szonja has taken big steps since she moved to her fosterhome two weeks ago. Day-by-day she is getting calmer and she is on the right path to leave her initial immense fear behind.
Thanks to being separated from Carmen and the puppies she became less dominant and the calm side of her nature began to reveal itself. Her rehabilitation continues every day.

She lives in an outside kennel in her present fosterhome but this is not the best solution on a long therm. Though her fostermum takes perfect care of Szonja, we are looking for a stabile foster/forever home for the spotted lady, where she can feel safe and learn to trust people. A loving home, where she will never ever have to be afraid again.
Szonja would like to move to a sweet home as soon as possible, because the only way for her to progress further and open up is to live close to someone who will love her endlessly and take care of her all her life.

You can find Szonja’s photo album with a detailed description under:


And here are some cute photos showing Szonja look up to her fostermum with gratitude. Sometimes she even gives her a pretty Dally smile. Isn’t she lovely?