Dalmata Mentés

Update to Samy

Samy, the brown&blue-eyed Dalmatian male could move to a fosterhome soon after his arrival.
He was the least fearful among the rescue dogs but it doesn’t mean that he’s carrying less memories from the terrible care he had to experience in his past life.
Thanks to his fostermum and her knowledge about rescued dogs, Samy is taking nice steps day-by-day.

Samy was neutered when he moved to his fosterhome. His stitches have been removed and he’s quite happy that he doesn’t have to wear the cone. Unfortunately, he had to visit the vet a bit often during the past days. He caught a diarrhea disease by walking on the streets in downtown and he must go to the vet for daily injections now. Managing all this means a little logistic problem for us and his fosterhome, too, but luckily, Samy is getting better and we hope that his organism will be back to healthy in a few days.

This afternoon, Samy moved to a temporary fosterhome because his fostermum travelled home for Christmas. The happy-go-lucky boy can spend the holiday in a safe and loving environment. Hopefully he’ll be ready to welcome his applicants from January.