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Szonja needs a foster or a forever home

Szonja is looking for a foster or a forever home!

Szonja is still a young Dalmatian lady. She’s only around two, but her heart is full of fear and pain. She was kept in a pigpen or on chain with two spotted ladies and a male. The purpose of her life was to give birth to as many puppies as possible. Her character is quite dominant and it made her the leader of the pack. She tried her best to protect her companions and babies and thus she was the one who was beaten (by hand and sticks) the most and she could do nothing else but cope with it… Living under so much pressure has transformed her character and she learnt
how to react by attacking back and how to act fearless. For her this was the only way of survival… this was the life she knew well.

In the beginning it was incredibly hard to handle her as the fear made her attack fiercely. Thanks to a few calm days and tender care Szonja’s tail began wagging and she already likes being stroked. But there’s still a long road ahead  of her to turn into a happy and well-balanced dog.
Currently, she lives in a fosterhome where she has a separate place but this is only a temporary solution.

She would like to move to a fosterhome or a forever home in January. She is looking for someone experienced, someone who knows how to handle a fearful dog and could provide her a home, where she feels safe and appreciated.  The ideal home would be a house with a garden, where she is allowed to go and sleep inside. Living in a flat could be a little bit more difficult for her because of the traffic on the streets, the loud noises and the sight of the passersby. Easing up in such an environment would go much slower.
She is on the way to become fully housebroken and she learns fast.
She opened up a little to her fostermum during the first days of her fosterlife. She loves to be around her caregiver, wags her tail and likes cuddling and sometimes barks to get a little attention.
Friendly with other dogs but she tends to behave dominant. This will probably change later.

Szonja is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and spayed. She is looking for a foster or a forever home from our organization.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZONJA)
More photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Szonja/