Dalmata Mentés

Gomez is looking for a foster home

Gomez lost half of his weight in the shelter, he felt cold in this freezing weather and almost gave up when a volunteer took him home.
He is slowly getting back in shape and the bed-sores on his body are healing. This guy is very smart, he already understands sit, stay, come and go to your place. Currently, there are 6 dogs in the fosterhome, they are thin, ill and old and Gomez needs a family who could pay more attention to him and take him for a walk.
Gomez can move to another fosterhome with a foster-contract. His present foster family would stay in contact with the new one.
Veterinary costs and sterilization will be covered by the organisation that cares for Gomez, they could also provide him dog food if needed.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu