Dalmata Mentés

Hírek Kittyről | News about Kitty

Kitty, the Dalmatian lady rescued from the animal shelter of Debrecen, spent long months in foster homes in the course of 2011. As it turned out, it was worth waiting for her new owners, since she found a loving home near Vienna. She is now the apple of the eye of a nice Austrian veterinarian and her family.
Kitty was sterilized soon after her adoption and her training began after her recovery. Today, she is trained by one of the best Viennese dog trainers. Her family works a lot with her, too, so it’s not surprising that Kitty walks fine off the leash, even in the woods. She is an obedient, happy girl and she feels great in her sweet home. 🙂

Kitty at the dog shelter in the spring of 2011 (50 kg):

Kitty in the Austrian winter ( January 2012):