Dalmata Mentés

News about our adoptable dogs

Baby Molly lost her first baby tooth this morning. 🙂
Though she is bigger than an average Dalmatian puppy of her age but her milk teeth began to fall out only today. The reason for this late start could be the lack of proper feeding and care in her first 2 months of life. However, she’s doing perfect and she’ll get rid of the stitches on her tummy this Sunday.

We took Leila for a long walk this weekend. Thanks to the continuous training, her recall is much better now. Whenever Leila hears her fostermum’s whistle, she turns around and runs back, stops right at her side to get some caresses and she smiles, too, as if she was asking: “Hey, Mum, don’t you think I’m a smart girl?” It was nice to see the loving relationship between them. Leila even pulls back to her when someone else takes her leash.

The afternoon brought another surprise as we had the chance to meet one of Leila’s applicants. They got along well and the walk together went well, as well. Later on we met a team of Bretons and Leila fell in love with all the boys! She played with them like a puppy jumping and rolling all the time. It was fantastic to see her ease up and behave like that. We all returned home with positive feelings. 😀