Dalmata Mentés

News about the dogs in our care

Saci‘s fostermum decided to sew a pretty pullower for the skinny girl, who is very happy in her new home.  She gives lots of love to her fostermum in return for the loving care.

Fura feels great in her fosterhome. The elderly Dalmatian lady has already settled in the family, without problems.
She likes playing with the other dogs, cuddles a lot, though there is one thing she loves doing the most:
taking a nap in her comfy basket near the heater.

Kira has also settled in her fosterhome very well, the family adores the pretty lady. 🙂
Luna, the Dalmatian girl adopted recently from the Illatosút dogpound has become her best friend.
The foster family expressed us their intention to adopt her.

Dorisz was very shy and distrustful in the beginning but she has slowly eased up in her fosterhome by this time.
She is looking for a loving forever home!

You can find more photos of the Dalmatian ladies in their photo albums:

Ellátásukhoz szükségünk van támogatókra, minden kis adományt nagyon köszönünk!

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