Dalmata Mentés

Dogs in our care!

WinnieRehomed. She moved to her new home after the sterilization and we have already signed the adoption contract when the probation was over. She’s become the pretty pal of a Vizsla and a Great Dane.

BerryRehomed. The young Dalmatian boy rescued from chains and horrible conditions moved to a flat. His new family provides him long walks and pet him with fondness.

FoltiRehomed. Rescued from chains, the Dalmatian-mix lady with cute long fur has found the best dream owners a dog could ever get. She lives in a flat now and her loving family takes her to long excursions and she’ll be trained in a professional dog school, as well.

Paca – We managed to place the deaf Dalmatian guy in a foster home. He lived half of his life locked up in a kennel and we rescued him from euthanasia. We have advertised him for more than a year and a few candidates asked about him but none of them proved to be ideal. In June 2012 we gave the spotted pal over to the German Dalmatian rescuers. Now, an experienced volunteer fosters him and gives him every chance to develop further. We truly hope that Paca will soon find a dream family!

DaisyNeeds a home! The Dalmatian lady rescued from the dogpound of Eger is waiting for a lovely family in her foster home! She is a healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped dog, spayed in May. Daisy is a nice, smart, housebroken and beautiful girl who loves being around people. Compatible with kids, too. What else does she need? An ideal owner whom she could follow with all her love until the very last day of her life.

You can read more about our adoptable dogs under: http://dalmatamentes.hu/lang/en/category/gazdit_keres/gondozasunkban-levo-gazdikeresok/

You can find more information about our dogs and read their stories in our blog: http://dalmatamentes.hu/lang/en/blog/